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Each day is a step closer to a new me. 5' 11"SW: 201.6lbs. CW: 175.0lbs.GW: 150.0lbs. I can do this. You can be my motivation. Follow my primary blog quiet-wonder!

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Anonymous Asked:
List your favorite parts of a guy's anatomy.

My answer:


5. dick

4. dick 

3. dick

2. arms 

1. dick 


I’ll get lost if you want me to

You tried to lie and say I was everything

Anonymous Asked:
You seemed much more relaxed.

My answer:

I’m relaxed :)


I love the moment, when i stop reading and close the book when I’m in the best part of the story, the part where the mystery be told.. because i’m not ready to know and i’m nervous.

it seems so real, like i’m a part of the story.

making people laugh is literally the best feeling ever


I kinda like it

Oh my god 😍😘 what a stunnah

I’ll get lost if you want me to


Is it love or just

Immense reverence or is

It lust in disguise?


Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am


do you ever see someone hot in public and think “you’ll never know how hard I’m fucking you in my mind”

How exactly would a person find my twitter based off the limited personal information I share on my tumblr? Like honestly I don’t have my name or email address on here. How are you creeping me that intensely and WHY are you creeping me that intensely?